Virtual Lines for the Connected Business Traveler

When you are a salesperson, travel is a reality of life. You are constantly on the move to find new customers, meet with prospects, and demonstrate the value of your products. However, you don’t want to lose touch with the potential customers you just spoke with. Fortunately, a virtual phone line will allow the best of all worlds – travel, privacy, constant contact, and a professional voicemail system for times when you can’t answer immediately.

How Virtual Lines Work

A virtual phone line is a dedicated, often toll-free number that allows you to receive calls routed to your cell phone or other mobile device while you are traveling. This system allows call-forwarding if you have another colleague who can answer while you’re busy, and a professional voicemail system for those times you aren’t available. Best of all, this dedicated number allows your personal contact information to be completely private. In the past, sales professionals often had to juggle two different devices – one for work calls, and another for personal business. However, with a virtual phone line, all calls can route to a single device easily.

Benefits of Virtual Lines

Any time a sales professional is able to stay connected on the road there is an obvious and immediate benefit. Customers know how to reach you at all times, without having to wait for you to get back to the home office. You can answer questions personally, without having to hand off a new (and possibly nervous) customer to another department. These benefits help finalize deals, solidify new sales, and generate great customer testimonials.

However, many times you don’t want to give up your private, personal number to customers or potential clients. It’s important to have a separate business contact number, but until now that has always meant having two separate devices – a personal mobile phone and a business device. Keeping track of two items and making sure you make calls from the correct one can be very frustrating, especially if you try to travel light. With a virtual number, you can use a single device and still stay professional and in touch.

In addition, virtual lines allow you to make calls from your private line while appearing to be calling from the toll-free number. This helps you enhance your professional image as well as keeping your personal information private. It also gives customers the correct call-back number if you have to leave a message for them.

Finally, virtual lines provide a professional auto-attendant and voicemail system for the times you are unable to answer. Customers can leave a message and rest easy knowing you will contact them soon. You can even set up a virtual line to deliver voicemail messages to your email address.

As a traveling sales professional, you know the importance of staying connected with potential customers at all times. Juggling multiple devices for personal and work use is a pain, and with a virtual number it’s no longer necessary. The customer calls a single toll-free number and you receive the calls on any device you choose. If you are unavailable, call-forwarding can send the call to a colleague or the professional voicemail system can take a message. You can even receive voicemails by email. With a virtual line there are new ways to stay connected and that will have a definite positive impact on results.  

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