Virtual 1800 Numbers for IT Professionals

Going beyond exceptional service, personal customer engagement is about delivering more personalized experiences based on authentic relationships with customers. Personal customer engagement is especially important for IT professionals working with corporate clients whose business operations depend upon a functional IT infrastructure.

For example, in the traditional customer service model, an IT provider would offer recommendations on services to a client. The recommendations would be based on the IT provider's knowledge and expertise, and turn on the customer's goals, needs and budget. Bringing this same experience up to the level of customer engagement, the IT provider would stay in touch with their customers learning more about them beyond the business transaction. This might include information about specific business challenges and future projects. Based on this information, the IT provider can make recommendations, offer solutions on how to optimize the client's IT infrastructure, and provide other advice. More importantly, in case of an emergency, more knowledge about a client as well as around the clock availability allows the IT provider to address issues immediately. Sustaining these types of relationships with hundreds of clients is a challenge, but one that can be made easier with a virtual toll-free number.

Potential Complications

There is nothing as frustrating to clients as a computer or network system that doesn't work. Computer or network downtime leads to increased overhead costs, lost productivity, lost customer satisfaction and sometimes even lost revenues. This is especially true for business entities that are dependent upon Information Technology for whom professional, reliable, effective and efficient Technical Support Services are the foundation of a well-running computer or network system and lead to increased productivity, reduced costs and improved profitability. Business owners will look for the best service providers that will handle all their hosting and server management needs. Ensure that you offer the best, more reliable customer service by having a toll-free numbers so that your clients can reach you at any time.

Creating a Process

No doubt that all IT professionals are concerned about the question how to arrange a process of communication with their clients. It is necessary to make this process as high-quality, effective, and profitable as possible. In this case it is worth to remember about all the major advantages that a virtual toll free number provides. A virtual toll-free number allows IT professionals to remain mobile, responsive, and always available to their clients. Having a toll free number allows callers to reach your business without being charged for the call. You can forward calls from a toll free number to any other number, like a cell phone, landline or IP phone. Toll free numbers are portable which means you can take your national business anywhere, whether you're in the office or on the road. Virtual toll free numbers are enhanced with extra features. They can route calls to multiple phones, extensions, or virtual voicemail boxes. Virtual voicemail boxes forward voicemail messages right to your email inbox. One virtual toll-free number connects your whole business. This makes it easy for your clients to contact you in case of IT emergency or for any of their needs.

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