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What is Free Call Forwarding?

Call Forwarding

Call forwarding is a service that routes calls placed to a specific number or numbers to a predetermined line, no matter where the call originates. Businesses use it to avoid the necessity of expensive call centers, to avoid issues that arise with time-zone differences and to ensure that customers never reach a voicemail or busy signal. A breakthrough in telecommunications, call forwarding — or call diverting — is a service that has historically been an add-on feature that came with an additional charge.

VoIP and Call Forwarding

The revolution of voice over Internet protocol — or VoIP — telephony, which started entering the mainstream in the early 2000s, ushered in the era of Internet calling. Businesses quickly became enamored with the technology because of the dramatically reduced fee structure, lack of hardware and startup costs, an inclusion of many free features that previously had to be purchased on traditional networks — such as call forwarding. Most VoIP providers include call forwarding at no extra cost.

Call Forwarding Apps

With the mobile revolution came a slew of apps that linked call-forwarding services to the mobile device of the user or business owner. Apps can be easily downloaded without the necessity of expensive, bulky or complicated software installation. Utilizing remotely hosted — or cloud — technology, call-forwarding apps provide users with the service free of charge and without the need for a third-party provider.

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